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RZR Shippable add ons

The Donaldson Intake

The RZR Donaldson Intake by Vent Racing represents a new level in filtration.  Boasting a 99.99% filtration efficiency, this is one great filter.  It will stop just about anything from getting into your motor.  This filter uses three stages of filtration and generates equal flow to the stock filter.  These intakes are a complete air box replacement allowing the use of centrifugal dust collection, making the filters last up to 5 times longer than the stock filters, not to mention the replacement filters are 6 dollars cheaper than the stock paper filters.  This filter will protect your motor more than 10x better than the stock filter with no loss in power.  An inexpensive insurance policy for your motor.

170 Performance Upgrades

The 170 Big Bore Kit

The 170 Big Bore Kit is an excellent power increaser for the RZR 170.  This kit offers an increase from 170CC to 180CC, replacing the cylinder, piston, rings, wrist pin and all the gaskets.  This kit includes the base gasket, the head gasket (with both a high compression and low compression gasket.  The big bore is essentially a top end rebuild for a blown motor, or an opportunity for power.  This system offers the option of being bolted up to a stock head, or to our aftermarket head kit for more power.  Reliable performance from Vent Racing.  This kit allows versatility, power and reliability, it is the ultimate engine upgrade for the dangerously underpowered 170.  Performance upgrades to the 170 motor will not only make it faster but help the struggling small motor provide adequate power for driving larger tires and other popular upgrades.
170 Head Kit

The Vent Racing 170 Head Kit offers a full replacement head to compliment a big bore or other performance upgrades.  This kit replaces not only the cylinder head, but also includes 
+3mm valves, new rocker arms, and a replacement performance cam.  The larger valves accomodate greater flow of fuel and oxygen into the motor, as well as less resistance (known as pumping loss) on the exhaust side.  Modifying your intake and exhaust ports helps capitalize on aftermarket intakes and exhausts to realize maximum HP gains.  The head kit perfectly compliments a big bore and intake kit, but is designed to be a stand alone stock replacement as well.  This means it will fit the stock system as a great upgrade alone, or maximize your gains with a full top end from Vent Racing.
RZR 170 KN intake

The RZR 170 Cold Air Intake is a great performance modification, it allows more air flow into the carburator, and therefore the engine.  More air means more fuel, and more fuel means more power.  This kit is make from 6061 T6 aluminum tubing, and high grade chemical and heat resistant silicone elbows.  This means it is a quality piece of engineering that is built to last.  The plate is designed to mount above the bed's edge behind the driver and passenger to help pull air from a colder and cleaner location than the stock system.  The anodized plate is billet machined from the same 6061 T6 Aluminum material but it's been anodized and post machined for the cleanest looking intake around.  This upgrade comes in standard intake size, and a larger diameter to meet our Carburator kit as well.
170 Carb Kit

The 170 Carburetor Kit by Vent Racing is a premium Mikuni racing carburator with a 36mm roundslide.  We custom machine the needle to get gas right when you need it.  This kit allows more fuel and air flow for more performance from your 170.  This set up allows for maximum capitalization of a big bor and head kit, but as with all vent racing 170 upgrades, it is modular and can work with the stock system.  This kit does not work with the 170 remote choke, but features the same leverage ration and will work perfectly with the stock accelerator.  This is a great final addition to an overhauled 170.